Registration Information - Little League (5-12 year olds)


Registration Process:

1. Register online.  Work your way through the whole form; there are 4 'pages'.  Your registration is not complete or accepted until you get to the screen that says 'Thanks for Registering!'

2. Payment - With the current uncertainty regarding season start date, payment will be accepted online or at the park (cheque to Trail Minor Baseball) at the start of the season.

If you plan to take advantage of financial assistance opportunities (through Kidsport, Jumpstart, etc), or are unable to pay online, or have any issues with this Registration, contact Scott Wallace.  email:

In addition to registration fees:

Area B and Rossland players are reminded there is an additional cost for TRP Sport Passes. Sport Pass payment (or proof of TRP #) is required by Opening Day.

For Area B players:
- Purchase a TRP Sport Pass ($241.50) from the aquatic centre and you can apply for reimbursement from RDKB. RDKB's current reimbursement policy is 100%.

For Rossland players:
- Pay $241.50 to Trail Minor Baseball and we will purchase the Sport Pass for you.
- Trail Minor Baseball will apply to the City of Rossland for reimbursement on your behalf, and we will reimburse you for however much we receive from Rossland. Rossland's current reimbursement policy is 50% (ie. expect to get ~$120 reimbursement, sometime later in the summer).

Refund Policy:

Registration fees will be refunded in full up to Opening Day (date to be determined).

Registration fees will be refunded at 50% for 2 weeks after Opening Day.

No refunds will be given after that time.

Financial Assistance Options