Umpire clinic

Umpires from last year – your certification is valid for 1 year, so if you would like to be an Umpire again this year, you will need to attend the clinic again in April.
We’re always looking for more umpires – if you’re interested in umpiring this year, please attend the clinic in April.
As we did last year, Trail Little League will reimburse your umpire registration fee if you complete: 3 games for umps with the lower registration fee (ages 13 and under), and 5 games for the higher fee (ages 14 and older).
The umpire clinic for the Trail area will be on 2 consecutive evenings, April 10th and 11th at 6:00 pm in the Montrose Hall.  The clinic is now open for registration on the BCBUA website (  Please register online before the clinic.
Umpires are paid $30/game (one ump) or $15/game (two umps) – plus a burger and pop from the concession.
We look forward to another great year, and appreciate all your hard work from last season!  Contact Wendy Goodrich ( if you have any questions/concerns.